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If you have been charged with a DUII, you are facing one of the most serious events in your life. Most people charged with this offense have never been involved with the court system before. They are scared and confused. You will need an experienced advocate to help guide you. I have over twenty five years’ experience in the courtroom working as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Much of that time, my practice has been devoted exclusively to DUII representation. I know how to maneuver through the administrative and legal systems to minimize the impact to your life and your license.

DUII law
Under Oregon law it is unlawful to drive a vehicle on premises open to the public when:

You may be familiar with the BAC limit. But what happens when a person refuses to give a breath test or a drug other than alcohol is involved? You can still be prosecuted, but the government will proceed under the “faculty test.” In this scenario, rather than prove your impairment through admission of a BAC result, the prosecutor will attempt to prove your impairment through evidence of the officer’s observations. Your performance on Field Sobriety Tests is especially relevant in this type of case. A skilled attorney can help you challenge the validity of a BAC result and the admissibility of Field Sobriety Tests. No two cases are alike, so you need to have an experienced attorney review the facts of your case to get an opinion on the best course of action for you.

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